meet a mate: Cake Spy

meet jessie oleson, the mastermind and creative genius behind cake spy. you can visit her website here.

jessie is a freelance writer and illustrator, and has illustrated for microsoft, iPop, all-mighty, and taylored expressions. she also has a weekly column on serious eats, and is a regular contributor to taste of home. she is a celebrity here in seattle for her amazing cupcake and pastry themed artwork. many of you might already know cuppie and his adventures.

here are some of jessie's artwork to make your day brighter. you're welcome.

Cuppie Love at Pike Place Market

Andy Warhol Quote about Beauty

The Talk

Cupcakes on the Metro in DC

we got the chance to ask jessie some questions. here are her answers.

Q: which artist inspires you most?
A: keith haring. he is a subway artist of the 1980s, and when you see video of him working on murals he is absolutely fearless. i try to channel his line quality and fearlessness when i work. i think to myself "what would keith haring do?"

Q: if you could be reincarnated as any animal, which one would you be and why?
A: after i dropped out of art school and ran away to paris (not joking), i stopped for a rare sunny moment and sat on a bench and closed my eyes (in happiness) and an elderly gentleman came up to me and said that i looked like "un petit animal sauvage dans la soleil" -- or something like that, meaning -- i think -- that i looked like a small savage animal in the sunshine. well, that has really stuck with me, so i think i'd be a squirrel, moving fast and hoarding treats.

you can purchase jessie's stuff online through her website, but she also has a store "cake spy shop" located at 415 E Pine Street in seattle, full of endless, delightful things.

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