amy and i are finally going to get a cat. we have a deep fondness for furry felines. i find them particularly delightful to draw. there is nothing prettier than a tabby kitten and nothing funnier than a fat, smushy faced persian cat. we haven't decided yet on what breed or sex, but we are certain that we want to pick up our buddy from the humane society.

and so in celebration of the cat which will soon be residing with us, and for those who are lucky enough to already have one, i have sketched a boy and his cat. enjoy, and happy wednesday to all!


mysterious man

the first time i saw this man was in portland. i ended up sketching him, because there is no way you can look like that and not be sketched. then i moved up to seattle and saw him (or his doppleganger) once again. recently, i've run into him on the streets several times. i am beginning to wonder, however, if it just so happens that there are a lot of pacific northwesterners who look like this or if this man and i are just destined to be. be what? i have no idea. maybe best friends, perhaps vengeful enemies who end up killing each other in a sword fight on the grassy expanse of gasworks park. oh mysterious man, who are you??