bridal guide feature

alas, we have been featured on the may/june edition of bridal guide magazine. hurrah!

it's only a page and we've been shoved far down towards the bottom by other lovely cake toppers, but we are not fazed! in fact, we went ahead and purchased a copy of the magazine. we plan to tear out the page and frame it in celebration of our first magazine appearance.

we have both been pathetically horrible at marketing ourselves. no networking, no advertisements, no websurfing. we've only recently opened up this blog, and even disregarded it completely for the first month.

but we've been lucky with amazing folks who have been kind enough to seek us out and post us up on their websites and such. thanks to all those who have sought out our products and given us the exposure. you are all fabulous.

meet a mate: Cake Spy

meet jessie oleson, the mastermind and creative genius behind cake spy. you can visit her website here.

jessie is a freelance writer and illustrator, and has illustrated for microsoft, iPop, all-mighty, and taylored expressions. she also has a weekly column on serious eats, and is a regular contributor to taste of home. she is a celebrity here in seattle for her amazing cupcake and pastry themed artwork. many of you might already know cuppie and his adventures.

here are some of jessie's artwork to make your day brighter. you're welcome.

Cuppie Love at Pike Place Market

Andy Warhol Quote about Beauty

The Talk

Cupcakes on the Metro in DC

we got the chance to ask jessie some questions. here are her answers.

Q: which artist inspires you most?
A: keith haring. he is a subway artist of the 1980s, and when you see video of him working on murals he is absolutely fearless. i try to channel his line quality and fearlessness when i work. i think to myself "what would keith haring do?"

Q: if you could be reincarnated as any animal, which one would you be and why?
A: after i dropped out of art school and ran away to paris (not joking), i stopped for a rare sunny moment and sat on a bench and closed my eyes (in happiness) and an elderly gentleman came up to me and said that i looked like "un petit animal sauvage dans la soleil" -- or something like that, meaning -- i think -- that i looked like a small savage animal in the sunshine. well, that has really stuck with me, so i think i'd be a squirrel, moving fast and hoarding treats.

you can purchase jessie's stuff online through her website, but she also has a store "cake spy shop" located at 415 E Pine Street in seattle, full of endless, delightful things.


win a set of paper dolls from mates & rubbish

mates & rubbish is currently giving away two paper dolls for free! meet the churlish chick and barbaric bunny. these two would be a perfect addition for this upcoming spring holiday.

we will be drawing a random name from our first twenty followers. the winner will be announced through our blog.

check us out for tons more giveaways!

win a free wedding cake topper from lace & rubbish

we are giving away a "simple is sweeter" mini wedding cake topper by lace & rubbish!!!

we will choose our first ten followers and randomly draw a name. the winner will be announced through our blog.

continue to check out our blog, where we will have many more free giveaways!


finally robotic beings rule the world!

the pacific northwest hipster

from portland to seattle, you are bound to see this fellow.

please note the following:
* cigarette dangling from mouth
* unkempt hair
* unwashed moustache
* ratty beanie
* plaid shirt
* skinny jeans
* coffee
* messenger bag
* old, torn shoes
* philosophical book


Mini Wedding Cake Toppers

we've created some new mini wedding cake toppers at lace & rubbish. they're smaller, so they look better on cakes with one or two tiers, and they're perfect for couples on a tighter budget; because we know how expensive weddings can get!

here is "two become one" which consists of two separate cake toppers to form one couple.

and our "simple is sweeter" mini cake topper, which is only from the bust up. this one includes a veil and boutonniere.

and just to answer what everybody is most likely guessing... YES, that is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! purchased from borracchini's bakery in seattle. it served its purpose propping the mini cake toppers and now it must rest in my tummy.

also, we will be having a free mini wedding cake topper giveaway from lace & rubbish on monday so keep your eyes peeled.

baked little friends

here we are, sculpting and baking the heads of little friends:

who will soon be painted and look like this:

unfortunately, our cupcakes turn out like mutated babies:

so they go down our gullets, where they belong. we shall attempt another batch to showcase our cupcake toppers soon to come.

sunny in seattle

it was sunny all day in seattle today. and the day before that. in celebration of the sun (which i believe may disappear tomorrow behind clouds and rain) i doodled a picture for you all.

i am not standing under a rainbow. it is sitting on my head. i hope everyone else has a beautiful day of rainbows resting on their craniums too!


appropriate cursing

when is sending curses and ill-wishes towards another individual appropriate?

i've often wished others horrible, horrible, horrible things mainly while driving. for those of you who have never been affected by road rage, you have either never driven or you are lying.

here are some inappropriate things i've wished upon others in the past:

- may you get slowly pecked to death by a swarm of birds.
- i hope you get run over by a semi truck carrying poop.
- may you drown in a sea of spit while others merely watch.

here are some more appropriate things you can say:

- may you get carried off by a single pterodactyl (not a swarm) and fed to its youngsters in one (or two at the most) bites.

- i hope you poop your pants while stranded in a very crowded place full of awesome, important people without a change of clothes or any bathrooms within a five mile radius.

- may you drown your unrequited love in a sea of your spit while you are spouting out words of ardor to impress him or her.

for more examples on appropriate cursing, you can email me and i will send you a detailed list of guilt-free, not-too-evil thoughts to wish upon those who piss you off.



our thoughts and prayers are currently with those in japan. we continue to send our sincerest well wishes and hopes to the victims and their families.


beware the password!

when i was still living in california, i once received a bill in the mail for my internet connection, which i had canceled. i was already in a pretty foul mood, but being charged for a month worth of services which i was not receiving made me super pissy. i picked up the phone and donned my most mature, indignant tone of voice.

the bill was for $60. that's a lot of money. $60 can buy me a really nice shirt with shiny buttons and capsleeves at a relatively expensive store like banana republic or j.crew. or it can get me one doc marten shoe (not the entire pair). or ten $6 meals. or six $10 meals.

after being on hold for an insulting amount of time, listening to phil collins constantly being interrupted by a machine voice that i was valuable customer and to wait a little while longer, i was finally connected to a representative. he made a slight whistling noise through his nose with every breath and his name was ed or bill or some sort of name that made me think of scraggly strands of hair over a bald head, a sparse moustache, and really thick glasses.

in short, he informed that though i canceled the internet connection, i had to cancel the accompanying service of earthlink in order to stop being billed. this didn't make much sense to me and i argued for several minutes. since most people mistake me for a six-year-old child whenever i talk on the phone, i tried to be extra firm and all mature-ish. i demanded to know how to cancel the earthlink connection since i couldn't remember my account or password. he told me my account and then spelled out my password for me.

my password was poopoo. for those who are unfamiliar with the word, it means feces; dung; shit; excrement. i don't remember when or why i chose that certain password. all i can think is that at one point, i decided that nobody else would dare imagine such an ingenious word while trying to hack into my account.

after ed or bill told me my password, i humbly announced that i would pay the sixty dollars by that evening.

the moral of this story? remember your passwords. oh, and make sure it's not poopoo. because for all you know, ed or bill could actually look like a blaine or sven.

blaine or sven with awesome hair and an awesome moustache and an awesome scar


inspiration, don't elude me!

lately, my brain has been on autopilot with the big move and physical recovery and family emergencies and all the brouhaha that's been popping up like random pimples. so i finally settled down just now in the studio to start being all artsy and cool, but i find my head empty. literally. like this.

i doodled this on the paint program on my computer to show you how uncool and un-artsy i am currently looking. my head is filled with nothing. it's been fifteen minutes since i've started this post and still nothing. i've brewed an entire pot of tea and rearraged my books and hula hooped in the living room to 80's music, but my head conjured up nothing for me. to show you how i'm starting to feel, i've doodled another picture:

maybe my body needs more fuel. i've been trying not to eat too much junk food, since the last time i visited my doctor, he told me something along the lines of "stop stuffing your face with so much chocolate or you're going to die." i've been munching on fruits which are awesome but nowhere near as awesome as chocolate. unless you have chocolate-dipped fruit. then that's just doubly awesome.

but at this point, nothing is as awesome as inspiration, which still isn't coming to me. damn you, inspiration! i once read an interview with neil gaiman who said that he becomes inspired (i deleted this typo, but i initially wrote "inspirated" because i am smart) by asking weird and random questions, such as: what if cats could talk? this actually isn't too weird of a question. you want a weird question? here's a weird question: would you rather have a tiny butt on your forehead or tiny legs dangling from your chin? i won't draw that, because it might scar you for life. instead, here is an awesome picture to tide you over until i can churn out more inspired products. just imagine yourself sitting alongside the driver. yes, it is a vespa. and yes, it is awesome.

Unfortunately, I didn't take the picture. I refuse all credit.