freaky friday

it's already the last day of september. in one more month, it will be halloween. and then two months later, it will be 2012. freaky, how fast time flies. but fear not, folks. skeletal jazz hands for you.


winner of the greeting cards giveaway!

congratulations to judahsblanket! you have won two greeting cards from us! thank you so much to everyone who participated in the free giveaway. we truly appreciate your support and love.

we also put up some new cupcake toppers in our mates + rubbish store. we're not certain why so many of our creatures tend to look so grumpy. perhaps it is because they know that one of their friends will also be the subject of a free giveaway sometime in the near future. hint, hint.

have a wonderful wednesday, folks. it is a beautiful day (at least here in seattle)! for those who need some cheering up, enjoy the music and video below. a man in a white leotard should lift your spirits.


front page on etsy!

last week, a treasury created by amy was featured on the front page of etsy! it may not be a big deal to those who have been making treasuries for a long time now and have been featured many times before, but since we are still novices, it was an exciting experience.

halloween lurks

...right around the corner! the winner for the free giveaway will be announced tomorrow. thank you so much to those who participated. we will have plenty more giveaways in the future, so please look forward to those.


make 'em laugh

i was recently told five different times by five different people that laughter is the best medicine. it was a peculiar coincidence; perhaps a sign? so i decided to give it a shot. the only problem is that i look and sound like a serial killer when i force out a fake laugh. i did notice that i never draw any laughing characters. some are smiling, but most are scowling. so i have decided for my health, both physical and artistic, to draw some more laughter. gregarious greg (above) is supposed to have a contagious laugh, but i realized too late that his goatee and nose hairs may cause people to scream rather than share in his mirth.


damn you steve jobs!

autocorrect won't even let me insult amy properly. after a little research, i learned that ningbo is a city in china. but i have yet to know what ningbo io is. and yes, this is a normal exchange between the two of us.


alphabet letter C

it seems a vast majority of the individuals in this city are vegetarians. amy started living like a rabbit a long while back, and i followed in her footsteps and gave up all animals products for a time when i was in portland. i found during that time, the hardest thing to give up was cheese. sharp cheddar, feta, brie, provolone, goat cheese...

so this one is in celebration of cheese (which is now back in my life and tummy) and all other awesome things C. crafts, cartoons, crust (on bread), chocolate, canada, cats, camping, custard, corner lots, the cure, charlotte bronte, craigslist, creepers, children, and cards! or combine the last three to get creepy children cards.


free greeting cards giveaway!

happy monday, folks! what better way to start a week than with a free giveaway? we will be randomly choosing a winner and giving away two mates+rubbish blank greeting cards: heartbreaker and the dapper duo.

all you have to do is: A) become a follower of our blog or B) friend us on facebook or C) press the "like" button on facebook. if you do one of the above, your name will be entered into the raffle once; do two of the above, your name will be entered twice; do all three and your name will be entered three times.

just comment below or write us at matesrubbish@gmail.com to let us know how many times we should enter your name into the drawing. the winner will be chosen next monday, so everyone has a week to enter their names. thanks and best of luck, everyone!


cruel world

the world can be cruel at times. this photo here is rock solid proof. once upon a time, amy was able to climb atop the van while i could not. i think my frustration with the unfairness of the situation comes across quite clearly. even with a push pop in my hand, i could not sit quietly in the face of injustice.


alphabet letter B

brace yourselves for b. one of my favorite words of all time begins with the letter b: BARGAIN. it's something i can never get enough of. here are some more brain-blowingly brilliant b's to celebrate: breakfast, boardgames, bread, bill bryson, battlestar galactica, blogging, bridges, and last but not least, bruce (wayne, springsteen, and lee)!


wedding well wishes

i have been churning out wedding cake toppers for the past couple weeks. despite the amount of work i've had on my hands, it's been fun. perhaps because of the clearly handmade style that my cake toppers have, all of my recent customers have been awesome. no bridezillas or groomosaurs. thank you to all the couples who have allowed me to be a part of their wedding by creating their cake toppers!


what are minions?

how much easier would it be for chefs on television just to say "add the minions" rather than "add the minced onions"? or "make minions" rather than "mince the onions"? but despite what i - and thousands of other people out there, i'm sure - believe, a minion can mean a servile agent [noun] or dainty and pretty [adjective], but will not be recognized as a minced onion piece. what a load of crockpot.


alphabet letter A

happy monday, everyone. normally, i'm not a huge fan of mondays for obvious reasons. but strangely, i am enjoying this day. it's been way too warm in seattle lately, so waking up to the cold this morning was a pleasant surprise. it truly felt like autumn. so this one is in celebration of autumn and all other things A. aardvarks, antonyms, apples, attitude adjustments, adobe photoshop, asterisks, arrested development, afros, and awesomeness!


more mates + rubbish cards

and even more new cards are now available through mates + rubbish here! continue to look forward to more cards, which will be available next week, too.


hi life in ballard

and indeed, life can't get much higher when you're chowing down at hi-life in ballard. amy opted for scrambled eggs with zucchini, mushrooms, red peppers, and parmesan cheese. i chose the fancy french toast, topped with espresso-mascarpone and sugared hazelnuts.


amy's ballard market

my fancy french toast


mates + rubbish cards

new greeting cards from mates + rubbish are now available at http://www.matesrubbish.etsy.com/!

all of these cards are a part of a set so look forward to more this week.


no street cred

our cards will be available shortly. it was so much fun creating them and getting them ready. along the way, however, i learned that i do not live a very thuggish life (despite the several snoop dogg and wu tang clan songs i have on my itunes list).

amy and i wanted to create a badass card. so after some thought, i ended up using this picture below as a reference.

 and i ended up drawing this.

only i realized that the original picture (ice cube's hand) was depicted from his (or the owner of the hand's) point of view. luckily, amy caught this before it went to the printers, and the picture was corrected.

however, it was a crushing reminder that i have absolutely no street cred.


goodbye summer

even though fall doesn't technically come around for another couple of weeks, it feels as if though summer is already over. there's a chill to the air and the days are shorter, the nights longer. unfortunately, we didn't take as many photos of the flowers that blossomed this summer (or spring) as we would have hoped. still, the few that we did photograph make us happy.


science fiction sweetness

we recently received a wedding cake topper order from fellow seattleites. after hearing what they wanted, we learned that we had more than just seattle in common. an enjoyment of art, fascination with psychotherapy, a love for philip k. dick, william burroughs, h.p. lovecraft, and doctor who! amy, who is quite possibly the world's biggest science fiction enthusiast and doctor who fan, still mentions this cake topper and the wondrous couple behind it.

yes, they are standing atop the tardis!

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