be specific.

i like to be specific. it avoids misunderstandings and possible confusion in the future.

when asked: how are you? i might reply: i'm 87% fine; there was terrible traffic on the road this morning and then a stranger spilled coffee on my shirt. but at work, i ended up getting a promotion and a raise. so altogether, i am about 87% fine. and you?

when asked, "how much do you love me?" i might respond like such:



i've been obsessed with chairs lately, mostly because mine sucks. i need a new one. a beautiful, utilitarian, comfortable one with lots of history and character and is preferably free. not too unreasonable, i say!

anyway, here is one of the many sketches i've done of chairs in the past week. happy friday, folks!

our greeting cards are now available at schmancy! for those in seattle (or who can make it to the rainy city), check out the store located on 2nd ave, not far from pike place. it is so cute, it will make you want to punch somebody. because that is a normal reaction to seeing something adorable.

photo taken by schmancy toys


(dance) over the moon!

i have been working on some illustrations for a new set of cards, postcards, prints, and such. i'm usually able to churn out several sketches a day, but i only end up using one or two from the batch. i'll be posting up some of the drawings. feel free to pitch in your opinion and let me know which ones deserve to proceed (into prints).

yesterday night, i overheard a man say "i am over the moon!" and then he did a little boogie to express his joy. as i watched him shake his rear, i scribbled this in my sketchbook.


from countless observation, this is the most commonly displayed reaction of happiness displayed by the majority of my fellow seattleites. notice the twinkle of amusement in the eyes.