squirrel, where art thou?

where have all the squirrels in seattle gone? hibernation, i suppose.


fleeting fashions

i went through various stages of fashion in my life; luckily, none of them lasted very long.


botched brows

“dear heavens, why do your eyebrows look like that?!” a friend once asked after she screamed in horror. the result may have been self inflicted, but it was not deliberate. here is what sometimes (or usually) happens.


alphabet letter D


wonderful wednesday, everyone! it has been a hectic, stressful, and time consuming month for amy and i. aside from moving (yet again), we have also been suffering from various illnesses and pains and battling internet demons. but things are slowly starting to get back on track and we are excited to be able to settle down into a routine again.

it has come to my notice that amy has several doppelgangers. in fact, i forwarded pictures of her uncannily similar look-a-likes yesterday. unfortunately, i have yet to find my doppelganger. i imagine i will find her (or him) one day while walking down the streets. we will point at one another and then exclaim in unison, “at last, it is YOU!” and then we will part ways.

in celebration of all things D, i bring you a delightful list: darkon, disco, dimples, donnie brasco, dickens (charles), deerhoof, drinks on the house, doggies, doggie bags, dwight schrute, dinner, dean martin, donkeys, differences, and of course: doppelgangers.