thanks, dr. king

marvin gaye summarized the significance of today with a deceptively simple song.

what's going on, indeed.


sisterly affection

i talk a lot. amy listens.

as a younger sibling, i've noticed a pattern of something that occurs quite often whenever amy and i are talking. it's hard to explain it in words, so i've decided to illustrate it best i can. the bubbles are left blank because our talks usually pertain from politics to gnomes to large cauldrons of chili. you can fill it in however you like, and the conversation has most likely happened before.

i am the character on the left. amy is the character on the right.


anywhere but here

it snowed beautifully here in seattle last night, but today's rain has washed all remnants of it away. usually, i'm fond of the rain as it is what makes seattle... well, seattle. you get my drift.

however, i'm sitting at my desk and wishing this darned rain hadn't so quickly cleared the ground of snow.

and of course, this had me thinking of our holiday two weekends back when our family headed over to the dalles and tillamook in oregon.

the oregon coast off tillamook city

emily's silhouette on the beach

our submerged shadows

latourell falls in the dalles, or

latourrell falls yet again

emily looking adorably grim in her dark getup amidst all the greenery

since emily's moving up to seattle by the end of the month, i wonder how often i will see oregon in the future. though it is only three hours away, how often will i make the trek down to the beautiful state?

i already miss you, oregon.


our first progress report of 2011

the past eleven days of january have been busy as we've been preparing to:

a) launch our lurvely blog
b) post up more items on mates &rubbish
c) have emily and her stuff transported from portland to seattle
d) look for a new abode so as to situate both emily and myself under the same roof (huzzah!)

even in the midst of packing and searching desperately on craigslist for a new place, we've been busy cranking out new items for our shop.

here is a sneak peak of what we've created thus far:

portraits on wooden discs to be made into either brooches or magnets

our very own beatnik wundergirl dierdre

Lumberjack - he needs no other name

and of course, the cast of princess bride

what think you of our items?


our very first post, sirrah!

after months of deliberation and (mostly) procrastination, we here at the institute of ampersand rubbish have finally launched our blog: beat & rubbish!

*applause applause*
*bow bow*

 as a method of introducing ourselves, we've come up with a few questions and corresponding answers:

if you had to be bludgeoned to death with a book, which would you choose?
a: marcel proust's a la recherche du temps perdu. BIG book = expedient death
e: walter moers' 13 1/2 lives of captain blue bear. maybe the captain'd be willing to share?

describe your childhood imaginary friend.
a: a giant robot that transported me about on its huge palm. it had the convenient habit of stepping on anyone who displeased me.
e: david duchovny. 

which fictional character best describes you? 
a: i'd like to say i resemble elizabeth bennett, but i probably am more like becky sharp, blast it all.
e: sam i am, with the green eggs and ham.