our first progress report of 2011

the past eleven days of january have been busy as we've been preparing to:

a) launch our lurvely blog
b) post up more items on mates &rubbish
c) have emily and her stuff transported from portland to seattle
d) look for a new abode so as to situate both emily and myself under the same roof (huzzah!)

even in the midst of packing and searching desperately on craigslist for a new place, we've been busy cranking out new items for our shop.

here is a sneak peak of what we've created thus far:

portraits on wooden discs to be made into either brooches or magnets

our very own beatnik wundergirl dierdre

Lumberjack - he needs no other name

and of course, the cast of princess bride

what think you of our items?

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