L&R has reopened!

our L&R store was closed temporarily because of all the love and support and the large amount of orders we received. it was so exciting to see the different styles of each couple and to be a part of such an exciting time in their lives together. now that the summer wedding rush is over, we have opened up our store and even added some new themes and options.

for couples who decide to travel in twos

for couples who want the outdoors-y, craft-y touch

for couples who share the same initial


seattle's bests?

here are some of seattle's (possibly least publicized) bests.

candy; apparently, one word will do no justice!

slug; they should start making slug-print patterned clothing.

dog; the cutest english bulldog lounging outside

and another picture of the disconcertingly cute dog


portrait party

i love portraits because they show a great deal about a person. not everything, of course, but enough to reveal just a little of who he/she is. most of my favorite portraits are of literary legends. it might be because writers usually live a great deal of life, which shows up  in their works and on their faces, giving them depth and character. take for instance, the few following portraits.

virginia woolf

samuel clemens (aka mark twain)

ryan gosling
credit: gq
woolf's portrait looks so beautiful and tragic. there's something nostalgiac about it. then there is samuel clemens. he looks clever and progressive and just a wee bit insane. and finally, ryan gosling. because... well, it's ryan gosling.

so i began drawing some portraits of nobody in particular just for fun.


i have no clue who josephina or ramona is, but i like to think they both have a story to tell.


lot no. 3 in bellevue

for brunch, amy and i usually stick to the same place. we're creatures of habit, so if there is one restaurant we particularly enjoy, we end up there often enough that the servers know us by name. we become one of those customers who have their "usuals".' recently, we decided to venture outside of the box and so we ended up outside of seattle proper in bellevue at lot no. 3.

it was a lovely place, with an industrial feel reminiscent of those old downtown los angeles lofts i grew up seeing. high ceilings, red brick walls, black steel, bare pipes.

i'm a camel so i love it when restaurants leave a pitcher of water out, but they somehow managed to up it a step by putting it in a corked glass bottle. it's definitely an idea i'll be using for future dinner parties. they also had those chalk board menus up. it looked so good that it confirmed the desire i had to paint one wall of my craft room with chalk board paint.

eventually, we ordered our food. amy got the veggie omelette with spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and gruyere. i got waffles.

it was so good that we ended up switching plates halfway through and then polishing everything off.

needless to say, we need to start eating at different places more often. there is nothing better than a wonderful brunch in a new environment.


point defiance park

the sister (amy) and i visited point defiance park down in tacoma last weekend.

it was a great deal of fun and we found ourselves wrestling and fighting children to get a closer look at the animals there. we even raced dung beetles (fake plastic ones) and made sure to go through all the little interactive educational games designed for people half our age.

amy fights aliens

giving a snake some loving
normally, both amy and i are not fond of zoos. we learned, however, that many of the animals there are rescued and being bred to prevent extinction or researched and rehabilitated before being released back in the wild.

arctic fox in its summer coat

polar bears
there is also an aquarium there, which made me ridiculously happy. i have a strange obsession with aquariums. i can spend hours there and not get bored. if it were up to me, i'd live in an aquarium. my favorites are always the smaller creatures: sea horses and piper fishes.

upright, proper fish

sea horse loving!