portrait party

i love portraits because they show a great deal about a person. not everything, of course, but enough to reveal just a little of who he/she is. most of my favorite portraits are of literary legends. it might be because writers usually live a great deal of life, which shows up  in their works and on their faces, giving them depth and character. take for instance, the few following portraits.

virginia woolf

samuel clemens (aka mark twain)

ryan gosling
credit: gq
woolf's portrait looks so beautiful and tragic. there's something nostalgiac about it. then there is samuel clemens. he looks clever and progressive and just a wee bit insane. and finally, ryan gosling. because... well, it's ryan gosling.

so i began drawing some portraits of nobody in particular just for fun.


i have no clue who josephina or ramona is, but i like to think they both have a story to tell.

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