our very first post, sirrah!

after months of deliberation and (mostly) procrastination, we here at the institute of ampersand rubbish have finally launched our blog: beat & rubbish!

*applause applause*
*bow bow*

 as a method of introducing ourselves, we've come up with a few questions and corresponding answers:

if you had to be bludgeoned to death with a book, which would you choose?
a: marcel proust's a la recherche du temps perdu. BIG book = expedient death
e: walter moers' 13 1/2 lives of captain blue bear. maybe the captain'd be willing to share?

describe your childhood imaginary friend.
a: a giant robot that transported me about on its huge palm. it had the convenient habit of stepping on anyone who displeased me.
e: david duchovny. 

which fictional character best describes you? 
a: i'd like to say i resemble elizabeth bennett, but i probably am more like becky sharp, blast it all.
e: sam i am, with the green eggs and ham. 

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