free greeting cards giveaway!

happy monday, folks! what better way to start a week than with a free giveaway? we will be randomly choosing a winner and giving away two mates+rubbish blank greeting cards: heartbreaker and the dapper duo.

all you have to do is: A) become a follower of our blog or B) friend us on facebook or C) press the "like" button on facebook. if you do one of the above, your name will be entered into the raffle once; do two of the above, your name will be entered twice; do all three and your name will be entered three times.

just comment below or write us at matesrubbish@gmail.com to let us know how many times we should enter your name into the drawing. the winner will be chosen next monday, so everyone has a week to enter their names. thanks and best of luck, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Please, please, please let me win this completely randomised raffle.

    I am now following the blog and have friended you. I am having a moment of tech-blindness and can't see the 'like' button on Facebook . So have posted about the giveaway on my wall. Twice. And then on my page wall, once, but amateurishly. The excitement must be getting to me. (Also went on Etsy and favourited your shop and two items.)

    Now going for a lie down.