Mini Wedding Cake Toppers

we've created some new mini wedding cake toppers at lace & rubbish. they're smaller, so they look better on cakes with one or two tiers, and they're perfect for couples on a tighter budget; because we know how expensive weddings can get!

here is "two become one" which consists of two separate cake toppers to form one couple.

and our "simple is sweeter" mini cake topper, which is only from the bust up. this one includes a veil and boutonniere.

and just to answer what everybody is most likely guessing... YES, that is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! purchased from borracchini's bakery in seattle. it served its purpose propping the mini cake toppers and now it must rest in my tummy.

also, we will be having a free mini wedding cake topper giveaway from lace & rubbish on monday so keep your eyes peeled.

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