inspiration, don't elude me!

lately, my brain has been on autopilot with the big move and physical recovery and family emergencies and all the brouhaha that's been popping up like random pimples. so i finally settled down just now in the studio to start being all artsy and cool, but i find my head empty. literally. like this.

i doodled this on the paint program on my computer to show you how uncool and un-artsy i am currently looking. my head is filled with nothing. it's been fifteen minutes since i've started this post and still nothing. i've brewed an entire pot of tea and rearraged my books and hula hooped in the living room to 80's music, but my head conjured up nothing for me. to show you how i'm starting to feel, i've doodled another picture:

maybe my body needs more fuel. i've been trying not to eat too much junk food, since the last time i visited my doctor, he told me something along the lines of "stop stuffing your face with so much chocolate or you're going to die." i've been munching on fruits which are awesome but nowhere near as awesome as chocolate. unless you have chocolate-dipped fruit. then that's just doubly awesome.

but at this point, nothing is as awesome as inspiration, which still isn't coming to me. damn you, inspiration! i once read an interview with neil gaiman who said that he becomes inspired (i deleted this typo, but i initially wrote "inspirated" because i am smart) by asking weird and random questions, such as: what if cats could talk? this actually isn't too weird of a question. you want a weird question? here's a weird question: would you rather have a tiny butt on your forehead or tiny legs dangling from your chin? i won't draw that, because it might scar you for life. instead, here is an awesome picture to tide you over until i can churn out more inspired products. just imagine yourself sitting alongside the driver. yes, it is a vespa. and yes, it is awesome.

Unfortunately, I didn't take the picture. I refuse all credit.

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  1. I love your products! Hope your move and family stuff is going okay.