hearts and bunting

we are now offering two new types of wedding cake toppers on lace&rubbish!

it took us some time to come up with new and different types of cake toppers, but we hope it was worth the wait. we did some research on etsy and other stores online as well as at boutiques and the shopping mall, and found that bunting seems to be quite popular. with good reason, of course. they're lovely to look at and add a festive note to the simplest of things.

for the pictures, we ended up using the same figurines and just changed the ribbon for the base as well as the flags in their hands.

here is "heart to heart":

and here is "beloved bunting":

what do you think? we kept the cake toppers looking somewhat simple, so that if the customer wishes, he/she can request accessories to jazz up the appearance.

we'll be working hard to come up with more ideas for different styles of cake toppers. themes that others might enjoy; because although we're partial to dinosaurs and robots, we doubt two figurines in matching metal suits costumes riding atop a T-Rex would sell on etsy.

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