i jump, you jump

we have many strange wishes, but one of the longest lasting and most stubbornly unsuccessful one is to have an epically awesome jumping photo. the kind that you post as your profile photo so that your friends can make comments about how wonderful and marvelous you look (in more hip terms, of course). for example, something like this:

or this:

or this:

unfortunately, after many attempts where we didn't even manage to get our feet off the floor, here is what we ended up with.

first, amy:

that is not a moustache, just her hair

notice the dog staring and judging

then emily:

look carefully; boots are appx 3 inches off the floor

jump? fail. scary blurry face? success.

jumping is not nearly as easy as dean martin or george clooney make it look. take it from us. we're still gathering ideas on how to make it look like we're floating in air rather than being attacked by an invisible horde of monkeys.

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  1. I share this dream. Haven't 'reached' it yet - but I aim high. Good luck with your mad jumping skills!