menagerie de morte

i'm actually not a huge fan of zoos. i've only been to the one in los angeles when i was a child, and i distinctly remember two things: the smell, which seemed especially horrible in the summer heat, and the bored expressions of the animals. this initial impression kind of stuck with me, which is why i never went again.

this morning, i was cleaning out my computer files, deleting stuff that i no longer need, when i stumbled across an old picture i drew, which i had titled: menagerie de morte. it's very rough and rudimentary, but i was much younger when i drew this. i think i subconsciously depicted what i felt and how i viewed the zoo experience. either that, or i drew it when i was going through my dark, angsty pre-teen stage.

 but on a brighter note, happy friday to you all! i hope everyone has a splendid weekend.

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