road rage

i was waiting to make a right turn at an intersection today. there was a pedestrian crossing the street; an old woman with a walker.

the car behind me began honking. then he swerved around me and nearly hit the old woman. then he honked at her too before speeding off all the while flipping me the bird. i saw red and proceeded to chase after the car to lay down the law (ie my fist), all the while screaming and snarling and maybe drooling a little from all the rage.

unfortunately, that is not a peace sign. it's the steering wheel.

the car pulled over to the side of the road and i slowed down to call him all sorts of nasty names. but the driver emerged, and i saw that he was an old man. a very old man. he slowly turned to give me the stink eye and shake his head in disgust before disappearing into a building.

i decided to draw him using the paint program on my computer because i am still too offended to draw him out with a pen.

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  1. Love the Blog! and boy do I understand road rage! :D