swimsuit season

summer is approaching and the sun is coming out with more frequency up here in seattle. and after years of waiting, i've decided to finally invest in swimwear. but before i make my purchase, there are some things i need to consider. i actually like to swim, so i'm not sure how well an eensy weensy yellow frilly bikini would hold up, no matter how pretty it is. besides, i'm pretty certain that although it's supposed to look like this:

it'll look more like this on me:

then there's the option of going 80's! how can a throwback to 80's fashion ever go wrong? ha! maybe i'll go for the shimmery animal print one piece. the one with the low back and high cut that you'd see on linda evangelista. knowing my luck, i'll look more like tarzan.

so here's what i have decided on. the kind that men with waxed moustaches wore before being attacked by the great white shark on the jersey shore in 1916. knee-length, decent coverage, and stripes. it's got everything i need and like.

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  1. I am rolling on the floor laughing!! Hilarious & love the illustrations!