hall & oates

i love hall & oates, especially their 80's stuff. i used to (and still do) embarrass friends with my fondness for them. i can't help loving them for their awesome ways. even now, i still fantasize about joining them on stage. i would become a staple member, not one of their replaceable members in the back. the three of us would tour the world and take over #1 on the billboard. there would no longer be a place for artists like bieber or adele. only hall & oates & me.

there is john oates, daryl hall, and myself being all awesome and stuff. and because i would love to brighten your day, i've even attached a video for you below. you're welcome.

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  1. Hey, I tried to find your email address to mail you this but I couldn't. But I saw your Etsy shop and I loved it and I blogged about it here.


    If there is anything you want changed or added, please do let me know ok.