we ain't scurrrrred, social media!

the day has finally arrived, folks. we have joined twitter and instagram under the handle name @matesrubbish.

it's probably not professional of me to admit, but i've come to both appreciate and detest this social media circus. providing friends and strangers alike to take a peek at our lives is both exhilerating and disconcerting. however, i do think it's important that we always keep you in the loop of what we've got going on, not only for the sake of our shops, but just to let you know how we're doing, and what we've got planned in the next phase of our lives.

sooo... join us! we'd love to share with you! we promise not to post too many stereotypical instagram pics (ie our lunch)... unless you'd like to see them.

and to lure you in, a sneak peek of what we've been showcasing on instagram:

ooooh, pretty, right?

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