korea, part 1: street art

it's been several months since we've posted anything, and for that we should be flogged. however, we wish to beg for forgiveness by proffering pictures and anecdotes from the few weeks we spent in korea. 

emily and i are of korean descent, and we decided that instead of going to iceland as we'd originally planned, we'd spend a few weeks traveling around the motherland for relaxation and artistic inspiration. as for the relaxation, there was none; we basically traveled nonstop all over the country with little to no sleep (too often with a gnarly hangover). however, there were tons and tons of inspiration to be had. if there is any country that feeds off and thrives on art, it's korea.

everywhere we went, walls were scrawled on and brushed at with drawings, both crude and intricate. rather than considered to be defacement, graffiti seemed to be celebrated and appreciated. perhaps it's for that exact reason that we didn't see any wall art that didn't have emily scrambling for her sketchbook.

a few examples:

and a small contribution emily left at a random restaurant:
don't fear that emily's become a wretched human being with a penchant for illegally scribbling on walls. the restaurant provided the pens and markers with which its patrons could leave their mark.

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