korea, part 2: finn juhl

what do scandinavia and korea have in common?

apparently, their love for finn juhl, a danish architect and one of the leading figures in the inception of the mid-century scandinavian furnitures.

during one of our quests to scrounge for a meal that didn't consist of pig or cow meat (koreans love their meat products), emily and i stumbled across a wonderful art gallery that was currently showcasing the works of finn juhl. while we'd never heard of finn juhl before, we had always been obsessed with scandinavian designs (thank youuuu, ikea and cb2).

i don't know about emily, but i could have stayed in the gallery forever. if they didn't have curators stationed in every room, i probably would have caressed and drooled on every piece of furniture in the building.

but who can blame me when faced with such delectable pieces of art?

oh, and on a sidenote: we ended up at a restaurant across the alley. holy cow, who knew vegan buddhist temple food could be so scrumptious... and so pricey? pictures from that meal to come.

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