korea, part 3: the food (ohhh, the food!)

last post about korea before we begin to offer sneak peeks for our urban craft uprising show! hurrah!

so... the food in korea was GREAT. unfortunately for us non-red meat eaters, it can be a bit of a difficulty to forage for the eats, but all in all, we did all right.

in fact, we did better than all right. we mentioned in our previous post about the buddhist temple food that blew us away. the meal was vegan and mainly consisted of vegetables (both fresh and pickled) and lotus root, which may sound unappetizing, but is in fact DELICIOUS.

and of course, the dessert in korea was divine. we enjoyed a hot hotteok, which is basically a pancake stuffed with a sweet filling made of brown sugar, chopped peanuts and cinnamon. the calorie count is probably horrendous, but it's so worth it.

and finally, we have my favorite dessert ever: patbingsoo. it consists of shaved ice with sweetened azuki beans and other condiments, such as fruits and/or sweet rice cakes. the one we enjoyed in a small hole-in-the-wall cafe harked of the good ol' days when the shaved ice was topped with only the beans, pumpkin rice cake, bean flour, and a splash of milk. 

truly, the pictures do not do the meals justice.

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